Lano is committed to its environmental responsibilities throughout the entire sourcing, production and delivery process. Lano’s clear objective is to minimize any negative impacts that our footprint might have on the planet, both through direct and indirect working practices. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, careful monitoring and analysis is a key responsibility of each business division of Lano.

Each division is required to implement environmental systems and is fully responsible for environmental performance, reporting to the Board of Directors.

Accordingly, Lano will conduct its activities in line with the following principles

  • To source raw materials that comply with its environmental philosophy
  • To reduce emissions during the manufacturing process
  • To continuously improve environmental performance
  • To conserve energy through its efficient use
  • To recycle waste material
  • To improve the lifecycle of the product through quality and longevity
  • To initiate the best possible environmental practices in the manufacturing chain

With the following attitude

  • To develop open and constructive relationships with all government agencies
  • To constructively contribute to all activities promoting environmental responsibility within the local community

With the following ambition

  • To move toward ISO 14001 certification
  • To minimize virgin material inputs by maximizing the use of recycled material
  • To minimize carbon emissions, energy usage, waste and water use
  • To minimize post consumer waste by industry-led recycling initiatives