100% recyclable artificial grass and carpet

Our synthetic grass and carpet have been performing excellently on durability tests for many years. Whether for sports fields, gardens, terraces or interior decoration, Lano stands for an exceptional lifespan.

With our ecological product range ensō we go one step further: we give the artificial turf and carpet a second life. All products bearing the sustainability label are 100% recyclable.

A heart for nature

Lano attaches great importance to sustainability. For example, we make as much use as possible of solar energy and invest in thorough waste separation. With ensō, we extend that circular mindset to our products.

Our mission: to take back a growing supply of synthetic turf and carpet and reuse it as raw material for new applications. Closing the circle, so to speak. It is therefore no coincidence that we named our new product range ensō, the Japanese word for circle.

Innovate to recycle

How do we achieve our mission technically?

After an intensive study round, we have succeeded in developing products that consist of one group of polymers (polyolefins). As a result, we can now fuse the fibres and the backing of the carpet or artificial grass together to be used for new products, such as plastic garden furniture, through injection moulding.

Not just say, but prove

Saying that you work on sustainability is not difficult. But at Lano we are known for our certificates and labels. We had a raw materials analysis carried out by Ghent University for ensō.

The result: an independent certification to authenticate our sustainability label.

Looking for the perfect combo between durability and quality?

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