For gardens, lawns, landscaping, balconies, terraces ... an alternative to natural grass. Lano has developed a range of products to meet the requirements of today’s consumer. Time has become an important commodity and spending time on gardening is sometimes difficult. Artificial landscape surfaces provide an always green, just cut appearance that is a boon to any landscape environment. The benefits are: virtually maintenance free, lush, natural looking, time saving, all year round use, and no requirement to water or mow.

Installation & Maintenance
  • Currently most waste material of synthetic turf is land dumped or burned with in best case energy recuperation. For sports, a few plants have been built over the last decade that enable product recycling, but with technical limitations and recycled material that is mostly restricted to lower, downgraded applications: hockey hit-boards, benches, low street poles. With ensō we believe that the recycling process can become more efficient by making a product, consisting solely out of 1 and the same component or component family. This avoids cumbersome and difficult separation techniques for separating latex or PU from the backing and yarn of the carpet and makes the process cheaper, which will hopefully convince you to choose for ensō. The collection is easily recyclable and given a second life in a wide range of high end applications.

Installation & Maintenance

Even though a synthetic grass lawn is extremely low maintenance, there will be times when a little bit of TLC is required to keep the grass looking its best. A few guidelines in the document annexed. | Concerning the installation of the grass, the end result will depend on the quality of the installation and for a perfectly fitted lawn, our advice is to hire an experienced installer. If, nonetheless, you would like to have a go yourself, then these instructions may put you on your way.