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Custom printed carpet: textile flooring with a personal design
Thanks to the Royal Design Concept, Lano can create a unique carpet design perfectly matching any interior concept. In design, we can work from your original artwork or assist in developing new ideas to realise your requirements. The design team has also created a ‘design gallerie’ where you can view the latest creations, a truly daring and contemporary collection of designs that can inspire you and show you what is possible for your textile flooring ...
You can choose your colours per design. If possible, please provide us with a colour sample. If you don’t have access to a colour sample, please find the relevant colour number in one of the following colour systems: NCS, Pantone, RAL. Should you have questions regarding colours, please contact the Lano design team for assistance.
You have a choice of four heavy contract qualities made with resilient carpet fibre providing exceptional wear performance for even the most demanding of locations: 710 g/sqm (Royal Design 710) 970 g/sqm (Royal Design 970) 1000 g/sqm (Royal Design 1000) 1200 g/sqm (Royal Design 1200).


Class 32 Commercial General - Bfl-s1

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