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Redefining luxury with Lano

Redefining luxury with Lano

Lano has unveiled its stunning new X concept, a collection of premium carpets that provide homeowners with unique styles that bring a luxury edge to classic and contemporary interiors. With the first wave of 500 stylish point-of-sale units already in store, the collection is proving a hit among retailers across the country.

Birger Karlsson, sales director UK & Ireland: “The X collection is going to redefine our perception of luxury carpet. UK homeowners have long thought that wool carpet rules the roost, but that opinion is fading fast and X looks set to resign it to the history books forever. Of course, that’s not to say that wool doesn’t have a place in the collection, but that it is joined by a range of other fibre types that now hold equal credence as truly luxurious offerings.” With the first generation displays exclusively featuring SmartStrand lines, September will see am update with the introduction of the finest in Lano’s nylon, bamboo and wool lines. Enjoying exceptional softness and offering longevity, these fibres are without doubt luxurious, but also offer the homeowner unique looks and performance features. From the lifetime stain-resistance and easy clean nature of SmartStrand to the therapeutic properties of bamboo and the beautiful silk-like quality of nylon, the X collection presents choice, a major advantage against other luxury carpets:

“Thanks to our manufacturing flexibility, we’re able to deliver a fully-rounded luxury collection that brings together the very best of fibre types available today in a single harmonious collection,” continues Birger. “Retailers can really benefit from this slick approach, knowing that X contains an answer for any style need. With the familiar look of pure new wool that works so well in traditional homes right through to the ultra-contemporary look of velveteen nylons, and in shades from icy white and sophisticated greys to warming naturals, this collection really speaks for itself.”

With a sleek new lifestyle look promoting the quality and desirability found within it, the collection celebrates some of Lano’s most enduring premium offerings, as well as more recent releases. Among them include the famous wool style Oasis, the soft and wellbeing focused Bamboo Luxe, the exquisite silken polyamide of Satine and the luxurious but ever-so practical SmartStrand Bella Donna and Gentle Bliss. Naturally, wear warranties are some of the longest awarded by Lano so retailers can be confident that these styles will not only satisfy a thirst for the latest style but also the demand for a lasting quality carpet in the home.

Styles within The X collection can also be commissioned in beautiful bespoke-size area rugs, with two edge styles in Pure and Elegance. With Pure, carpet edges are turned over and the rug is backed with a non-slip and moisture-resistant underlay. In Elegance, edges are finished with colour-matched ribbon and again a non-slip and moisture-resistant underlay. The ribbon of Elegance is narrow for a ‘barely there’ look that’s instantly luxurious.

“We’re really excited about the potential of this graceful collection of premium styles. Not only do they offer retailers and their customers a great choice, they also deliver an all-important mix of enduring quality, contemporary cool and timeless elegance. While we may not be able to predict the taste of every customer upon first glance, if they are after premium carpets then the X collection is sure to hold the key to their heart.”