A beautiful woven Wilton two-tone loop pile, Jaudon makes the most of Lano’s in-house three-ply yarn in a  resilient wool-rich blend of 80% wool-20% polyamide for the best in durability and appearance retention (Class 32).

Exceptional clarity of design is achieved thanks to the preciseness of Wilton weaving and the definition afforded by the three-ply yarn, the result more beautiful and intricate patterned carpets.

With great dimensional stability, important for areas subject to wheeled traffic and castor chairs or where frequent maintenance takes place, Jaudon avoids delimitation and has a natural ability to contribute to cleaner air by absorbing pollutants and regulating humidity.  Jaudon is 100% mothproof.


  • Bedroom
  • Living Room

Technical specifications

Secondary backing:
Quality code:
Manufacturing process:
Woven Loop Pile Woven Loop Pile
Pile composition:
80% WO - 20% PA
Fire behaviour:
EN 1307 Classification:
cl 32 Commercial General
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